Sprayable body powder

Prevention against thigh chafing

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Perfume & fragrance free
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  • Angela

    "The packaging is superb. Much easier to apply than regular baby powder that I have used before. The packaging is also nice to look at and gives a sense of femininity instead of the baby packaging which is not made for this use, and goes both here and there and you get powder all over the place."

  • Adam

    "Have used the product before and during the Nijmegen march (4 days march, 167km in summer heat) and it was my lifesaver. One of the days I forgot to pack the bottle and had to test a cream product against chafing which rather worsened the chafing instead. An extra plus is that it doesn't leak powder into the bag if the lid falls off."

Use B.SALUS sprayable body powders to prevent and reduce friction between the thighs.

Apply with a convenient bottle filled with natural ingredients, which you can easily take with you anywhere.